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"I hate flowers - I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move. ”
― Georgia O'Keeffe

Archives for February 2012

two boards by the path – in-progress

This painting is at the stage where I am watching for things to add/change and not yet changing it – very close to done.

It is from a moment on Hendry’s Beach just down from the restaurant, walking down the path toward the sand to photograph a classic sunset in Santa Barbara, and spotting these two surfboards just catching the light and just off the path.

two boards by the path


pacific coastline

This is the coast view from the Douglas Preserve in West Mesa, in Santa Barbara.

I was watching rain come in across the ocean.

pacific coastline

The light in California is unique. I asked Ethan Karp, a gallery owner in Manhattan – for the sunsets, East Coast gallery or West Coast gallery? Ethan said he could see the light in the paintings as Western, but that might make it more exotic shown on the East Coast… Not an exact quote, but close.


wordpress and twitter integration

I’ve had so-so behavior from Twitter Tools, a wordpress plugin for both pushing a blog post as a tweet and getting twitter feed. The push part seems ok. The pulling in of twitter feeds is problematic as hell.

Lately a post from 1-1/2 weeks ago to twitter stayed as the most recent post on the main site and was superceded by more recent posts on the mobile version…

This is testing Reliable Twitter (for twitter feed) and Twitter Blog.

fisheye distortion

Fisheye distortion is just fun… I found the Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye Optic a blast to distort things with. Last evening there were cloud in the sky painted by the sun – not extraordinary, but extraordinary here and now because in New England in the winter there is limited color outdoors. Even a mild winter mutes color.

Here’s the straight shot…

fisheye 1

and then fisheyes…

fisheye 1

fisheye 1

The wrap-around view is like when you focus on something and expand, extend, push, float your awareness around and away from that sharp focus.