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“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”
― Pablo Picasso

a Baltic Birch press roller

I was looking through Doug Forsythe’s Build Your Own Press plans. I love doing things myself, I tend to want that kind of control over the quality of the product. Asking a machinist to mill metal, an area which I don’t have any experience or native inclination, is going to be the unknown. I’m going to build the metal roller version, including the machinist, because the rollers take a lot of pressure and because I want to do this once. Or maybe twice – I’m thinking of pricing the parts as pairs – for two presses. I’ll either have a spare press, or a hell of a gift for my artistic step-daughter, or a press for sale.

One alternative I seriously thought of persuing was at Craft and Concept. I do have the experience and native inclination for turning a baltic birch roller set… Not to mention, the rails and framework are beautiful to see.

Baltic Birch Press


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