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…And Both X-Pro 1 Cameras are Back – Untouched, Sunshined

Mechanics or at least Service Managers have a name for it – the sunshine treatment. Take the car and sit it out on the lot in the sun and then tell the customer it’s all set…

I picked up two Fuji X-Pro 1 cameras from Fed Ex today – both of them Fuji X-Pro 1 cameras, both brand new out of the box and both with significant sensor spots – dust or specs behind the sensor glass. I had sent the cameras to Fujifilm Camera Repair in Edison, NJ, with the required invoice/proof-of-purchase, warranty card, Fujifilm Service form filled out to indicate what the problem was, and images with frickin’ circles around the frickin’ spots that appear on the sensor, and actual images of my studio showing how the spots show up in actual photographs as well.

None of that made any difference.

Neither camera was fixed.

Both had white printouts indicating the customer said dust on sensor, with no service indicator at all – my Fuji X-T1 which went in for exactly the same issue, came back with a yellow service ticket carbon showing what was done. Basically someone just shoved them back in the box and sent them back and counted it as work done.

Steve – every time I call Edison NJ, Steve answers, apparently there are only two, but it just seems like more – Steve, who is becoming my fellow sufferer in all this, says any notes would be on the service ticket, and that someone took the problem ticket and worked on it.

Not that I can see. Looking at images from the sensors before sending them and then once they are returned – there’s no difference. Even the smudges which would have been changed if the sensor had been cleaned even lightly, are still there. Both cameras. No change.



I believe Steve will find the return shipment when it comes in, I do, and I believe a supervisor will ensure it is made right. I believe that because sending these cameras back again pretty much guarantees I’ll be outside the 30-day return window for just sending them back to the merchant by the time they come back to me. So, I believe that can happen.

What’s bullshit is that no one actually cared enough to look at the cameras. At all. Because the flaws are obvious, resolvable and they were not even touched.


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