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"What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house."
― Edward Hopper

A CD Project – Ruby Rose Fox


I saw Ruby Rose Fox at the Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts several weeks ago – and despite the sound system not doing her and the band any favors, the show was amazing, Ruby Rose Fox has stage presence. She is part of the song she is singing and she rocks. Brilliant band making it possible. Ruby Rose apologized as she was under the weather and struggling to make it through the songs – even so, she just captured the song and lost the pain, there was no sign of it in her voice. She and her band work very hard, and they are worth hearing if you can make it to a show.

I found one semi-CD of music on Amazon in Prime Music – and four more songs to purchase. Not a CD in sight – I really prefer CD rather than 256K files, and Amazon still doesn’t offer a lossless format – just mp3. I searched further, found her website at, and on the first page a link Click to Pledge”. She is making a full length CD! I hope she meets her goal on this.


music and painting

I gather energy from music. Painting is a dance of color and form and gesture, and music that aligns with the moment pushes that to new levels.

I tend not to catch the lyrics or mood of music. I’ve been asked how can you listen to that it’s so sad/caustic/betraying – as if that was where I took energy from. It’s the beat, the words are driven from that.

Florence + the Machine.
Zero 7.
Norah Jones (especially the recent Little Broken Hearts – nice stuff).
Ahmad Jamal. Eighty-something and awesomely good.
Kat Edmonson/Jaimee Paul/Renee Olstead/Madeleine Peyroux – torch stuff.
Marc Cohn – brilliant songwriter.
Cypress Hill. A change of pace.
Jeff Beck, from “You Had It Coming.”
Kirsty MacColl.
Jesse Cook.
Chick Corea, “Light as a Feather.”
Gretchen Parlato, more torch jazz.

Right now these work. I have all the CDs I’ve ever bought ripped to 256 VBR files, cataloged in iTunes, served over Airport Express modules to every room. What I listen to can and does change…