Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

"What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house."
― Edward Hopper

vase #1

— spence

palm trees and sun

— spence

Canon Rangefinder (1956)

— spence


The first color in spring is usually Forsythia. You live through colorless until you see the world as shades of drab green, brown, grey, black – and then this…

— spence



This orchid came about from bare-bones rescued orchid plants recovered from a dumpster over a year ago. This one out of 7 is the only one to come back to flower. It’s small, but intensely beautiful, with two runners out carrying flowers and crossing each other and by that supporting each other as it flowers.