Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

"We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth..."
― Pablo Picasso

daughter in the hospital, paintings of trees of IVs…

I tend to think in terms of visuals. One of the more stunning visuals for me is a wall of IV’s next to an oscillating ventilator next to the dialysis machine that is currently keeping my daughter alive. This is day, hold on, let me count – day 24 for my 23 year old daughter in an ICU in California.

My instinct is to paint it. Just to get it out there. Maybe an abstracted hospital room, the blur and rush of equipment.

I’ve been in California since 14th January. Every day is in the ICU from 6:30 AM until about 3 PM, then I find my way down to the beach and a long walk and a camera and a sunset. Then back to make sure she is still breathing.

I remember just after she was born. I remember going to her crib every evening as she slept. Just watching her breath, in and out, slowly, over and over. I just wanted to be sure it kept going. During those first weeks after she came home and became part of my life I fell so thoroughly in love with her. I also realized how vulnerable I had made myself. To vagaries of life and chance as they involved her.

She crawled up and fell out of her crib at a year old. I heard a thump as she hit the carpet. I saw a dazed but triumphant little girl crawl out of her bedroom – and there was that lurch at my heart, but it passed. This one, this one now, doesn’t pass. This is a hard one. Watching for her breath in a hospital is very hard.

The sunsets were begun for her. They’ll continue for me and for her – I hope to be able to give her the 40th one, and then the 80th one as they grow and evolve. Many photographs of California and sunsets and street corners and hospital roof lines, and palm trees, and waves and piers extending out to the ocean. I can’t paint here but I can dream for and of her, and for and of the paintings to come.


art wet…

WordPress Stats gives me a view of what search terms cause people to find this site. That’s interesting.

For example: "art wet"


Why? With what intent?

Are we talking “wet canvas”, which is an actual issue for oil painters? One artist (who paints in thick impasto style in oils) has a note on the work that is for sale. It says “drying time may be required”. Most definitely.

I painted a couple of color studies, colors #1 and colors #2, in oils, quite thick. The surface of colors #2 was not solid enough to varnish for two full years. Two full years!

There is Wet Canvas, an online community for artists. A slightly dyslexic interpretation in search, maybe that was what the searcher was trying to find? It is one of the better art communities, and part of the inspiration for the title “nude on a wet canvas”.

With “art wet” as the search, today in google you get Sound Art- Wet Sounds: Festival of Underwater Sounds; Dance.Draw -Exquisite Interaction. Art. Dance. Underwater dance. Which leads to Wet Sounds 2008: A Festival of Underwater Sounds- I want to go!.

You have to get the context of this search string

fantasy nude women
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art wet
frank frazetta
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frank frazetta nudes

This brings to mind my SPAM mailbox. It has 30 pieces in it today – here are the titles…

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There’s some balance here. It’s not all sex, just perhaps 35%.

In the 1910’s and 1920’s Picasso and other artists put “Jolie!” and “Bass” and other word strings, that seem romantic. To capture the love/lust/culture today you would need a collage with the strings from SPAM, and from sexual references, explicit piercings, to convey it.

A painting of abstract vaguely sexual forms and the words “ART” & “WET” stenciled in there somewhere. Maybe the clarity is in the forms around piercings, the rest undefined and left to the imagination. Abstract but with enough form to ask for interpetation.


— spence