Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

The Art we look at is made by only a select few.
A small group create, promote, purchase, exhibit and decide the success of Art.
Only a few hundred people in the world have any real say.
When you go to an Art gallery
you are simply a tourist looking at the trophy cabinet of a few millionaires…"

Certificate of Authenticity

    Each painting will come with a certificate of authenticity showing:

  • The title of the work, by Spence Munsinger
  • Statement that this is the original image, or a limited edition and the edition number.
  • The pigments and medium used, kind and brand
  • The brand and grade of canvas
  • Method of protection (e.g., isolation layer and archival varnish), and brand and type of materials used.
  • Exact dimensions of the work
  • A small image of the artwork
  • Name of artist.
  • Year created
  • Where the artwork was created
  • Artist’s inventory number (this number also appears on the work)
  • Signed and dated by the artist
  • Contact information for the artist
  • Copyright declaration (all copyrights are retained by the artist, and the artwork cannot be reproduced without consent from the artist
  • Care instructions
  • Current information about the work, where exhibited, where reprinted or published