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Edward Hopper

edward hopper

“What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.” — Hopper

Hopper painted stories, places and moods and stillness and light on the side of a house.
I love his simplicity. I saw his “Empty Room” at the MFA in Boston, along with a long room of many of his other works.

empty room by hopper

Pablo Picasso

picasso at window

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Picasso

Picasso showed what can be done in a lifetime. I grew up with his “Dove of Peace” poster, bullfight poster prints and Don Quixote ink drawings in my father’s house. He showed me a gesture expressing emotion and form and motion, frozen on paper in a line.

DON QUIXOTE, C.1955-3Bullfight by Picasso

Wolf Kahn


“I’m always trying to get to a danger point in color, where color either becomes too sweet or it becomes too harsh, it becomes too noisy or too quiet, and at that point I still want the picture to be strong, forceful, and the carrier of everything that a painting has to have: contrast, drama, austerity.” — Kahn

Kahn is a revelation in how to bring about color. His abstractions in color brought me to an appreciation for Mark Rothko. From Kahn I found an ecstatic joyful handling of color, a working with pure emotion in tone and hue. It’s a discovery I still find in every painting I’ve done since.

Frank Frazetta

I grew up with the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mar Series and Tarzan covers. Brilliant perspective, detailed musculature, tension in diagonals, romance, adventure. Great stuff, a brilliant artist.

frank frazettafrank frazetta