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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
― Pablo Picasso

opens her eyes and smiles…

This morning I got into the ICU – a normal thing, now. I get up, I get coffee, I drive or walk the 2.3 miles to the hospital. Bright clear cool dawn, or grey cloudy wet dawn, California winter. I come into the hospital through the EMERGENCY entrance. The main entrances aren’t opened until after 7 AM. There are always groups of people in the emergency waiting room. They look up, looking for a doctor or a nurse or someone to help them, and I’m none of those, but obviously not a patient. I go through some sort of sort I can see in their eyes. I pass through to the hall beyond. I check in with security and I walk down a long corridor, up one flight of stairs to the second floor and through motorized doors into the ICU/Critical Care Unit.

That’s become normal. Amazing what becomes normal. Racks of IVs – we are down to four active drips, from a high of 16. Chest tubes – three now, two on the left side, one on the right. The ventilator.

Critical but stable.

I walked in this morning and my daughter’s face lit up. She was breathlessly talking – breathlessly, literally – she cannot pass air through her throat to vocalize. I tried to read her lips and failed completely. But I was ecstatic in the attempt. She is awake, aware, frustrated, angry, recovering, healing.



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