Paintings from Sunset Series by Spence Munsinger, Color Field + Blank White Canvas + Realism + Contemporary Abstract Art, original paintings for sale

"Seek the strongest color effect possible… the content is of no importance."
― Henri Matisse

Painting is movement, rhythm…

I uploaded a background image to twitter today. I was struck by the movement and the flow of the eye across the suddenly abstract forms and shapes of the painting.


twitter background

spence munsinger twitter background

I know what the painting looks like from further back. All of my work lately loses definition and becomes much more abstract as you get closer. Each painting is an assemblage of gestural forms that at distance align and create an image, but up close they drop back to simplicity and color and movement and, well, gesture.

Here’s the painting on its own:

There’s line and form present, but up close it gets lost and dissolves into simpler forms.


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