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"You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea..."
― Pablo Picasso

Peak Apple post-Jobs – We’ve Passed It…

Will Apple ever go back to the 2015 reasonable keyboard on the MacBook Pro’s? No. No, they won’t.

Will Apple put back the magsafe2 power connection and indicator lights? No. Not going to happen.

Will we ever see a lighted Apple logo from a sea of laptops in a coffee shop? Yeah, but only because of the pre-2017 legacy models I and others will be nursing carefully.

Will I ever be able to drop the SHDC card out of my camera and right into my laptop? Nope.

I love OSX, hell, I love Unix. I love Apple up to a point – but I also recently updated to the latest High Sierra and immediately had bluetooth connection errors for the next three days, until I shut off hand-off on my phone, iPad and laptops – after that, no connectivity issues. Apple used to be able to put out an update or a product without breaking pretty standard stuff like bluetooth. The current laptop is terrible. Why a touch bar? Why? Why a keyboard that punishes and damages your fingers? Why this many steps away from a truly great product, and toward? Toward what? No writer will use this keyboard. Even when it works at all…

— spence

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