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"What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house."
― Edward Hopper

Renaissance-Art Leather Work – bags and moleskine covers…

Renaissance-Art makes heavy leather goods by hand in New Mexico, U.S.A.. The stuff is very much like you would get if you had a saddlemaker just down the road and asked him for a bag or a journal cover. The studio produces fine finished colored leather, but I love the heavy tanned hides the original moleskine covers and laptop messenger bags come in.

These are made to be used. The leather distresses over time, as good leather should. A scratch on the moleskine cover rubs out easily, same with the laptop bags, and as they age and wear they assume a character and an age and presence. There are no zippers or fabric liners. The thread and sewing is careful. Think a dusty rider slinging his bag over the chair at the table at the end and ordering a drink to cut his thirst. Spurs and brimmed hats. Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Here’s my bag on the work table in Santa Fe…

Renaissance-Art bag

Renaissance-Art bag

When my daughter was 19 years old she gave me a Renaissance-Art journal for Father’s Day. It was so beautiful I could never find the exact words to write in it.

It is still blank.

I pick it up every once in a while and think about what to write in it, and then don’t.

Moleskine covers are easy – the moleskine notebook is an ok paper in a durable cover, and I write lists and thoughts and plans and ideas in each of the three moleskines I use daily. The Renaissance-Art journal-work-of-art is much harder and hits me like a stark blank page in a stark blank book.

What could I write in a unique one-of-a-kind journal given to me by a daughter who no longer lives? What would be important enough? I put it back, still blank. I treasure it.




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